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A used Zeta Educator electric upright bass that features the Strados Pickup System to give a warm and rich tone.
Each Of The Bridge Support "Fingers" Dedicates Dual Pickups To Each Individual String. The Strados Pickup Is Able To Respond With True Acoustic String Tone That Is Resistant To The Sound Vibrations That Cause Feedback At High Volume Levels. The Special Blakc Composite Construction Of The Bridge Pickup Allows For Maximum String Sensitivity And Pickup Gain, Resulting In A Tone That Is Warm With Clarity Even At High Amplification Levels.

The Educator Uprite Bass Are Both Constructed Of An Alder Body, Bolt On 2-Piece Hardrock Maple Neck And Shedua Fingerboard And Feature The Strados Pickup System. Zeta'S Proprietary Internal Active Preamp System Increases The Power Of The Pickup Signal From Each Individual String, Leading To Separate Internal Gain Controls To Provide For Even String Balance. Two Internal 9-Volt Batteries Provide Over 1,000 Hours Of Service On Average. The Active Electronics And On-Board Volume, Treble, And Bass Controls Provide Extensive Tonal Flexibility For Performance And Recording Applications.

Explore The World Of Digital Music Through Zeta’S Proprietary Mono-Midi Output Jack And Rack-Mountable Synthony Ii Midi Controller / Synthesizer. The Educator Uprite Is A New Generation Of Upright String Basses- With A 41 ½" Scale (Equivalent To A ¾ Size Upright Bass) The Educator Uprite Provides A Fretless Upright Sound In A Portable And Affordable Instrument. The Educator Uprite’S Graceful Form Echoes The Classic Acoustic Upright Bass Outline In A Fusion Of Slim Lines And Stylistic Body Dimensions, Providing Easy Access For Bowing Or Playing Pizzicato. The Body Is Select Natural-Finished Alder Tonewood, And The “Set Neck” Is Hardrock Maple With A Hardwood Fingerboard. The Retractable End-Pin And Detachable Upper-Bout Guide Allow Personalization Of The "Fit" Of The Bass By Providing Height Adjustment And Body Depth Support To Simulate An Acoustic Upright Bass’S Body Dimensions.

The Educator Uprite Bass Uses Standard ¾ Scale Medium Gauge Upright Bass Strings And Heavy Duty Bass Tuning Machines. The Educator Uprite Includes A Soft Padded Gig Bag, Which Features A Carrying Handle As Well As Back Straps For Easy Portability.


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